Eritria Pitts



So what happens when an Eritrean and New Orleanian walk into a bar? They create a neurotic and semi despotic creature.

I was named after my mother's country; My American father misspelled it. And I am so grateful of that perfect gaffe.

I've been performing since I was 6. Back then it was just for family, and my shtick was impersonating my mom on the phone, speaking in her native tongue with my aunt, while she bit her nails...and occasionally spat out. She hated it.

After my producing stints with Al-Arabiya and Al Jazeera English, I decided to pursue my passion: comedy. I tell stories about life and people laugh. My narratives have been featured on and NPR. Yes, ALL stories are true, even the one about Ryan Gosling (click storytelling tab).

I perform improv with my part-time life partner Riot. We're called Pitts & Riot . We debated for hours what sounded better: Riot & Pitts or Pitts & Riot. We then played two rounds of rock, paper, scissors, and the rest is history. We've recently been accepted to perform for the Women in Comedy Festival in Boston this April. I've never been and really looking forward to that.

I'm also the creator, writer, director, producer, editor, and star of the annual web series "she is alex". Three years and three episodes...and one pending episode I have yet to edit. It's regularly irregular and I'm proud of the product. You can check the episodes here.

Every now and then, I contribute my musings on my blog.

Click here for my Performance Resume